Residential FAQ

Commercial FAQ

Some Helpful Tips

  • Depending on the scope of your renovation, allow 2-9 months for the design and construction process.
  • Keep in mind that codes, regulations and ordinances are becoming stricter every year.
  • During the design process ask for a better understanding of the ′real′ look of the end product.
  • Watch out for contractors with all of the answers for design and construction questions because they are typically just interested in the sale not your ideas and plans.
  • The cost of a good design process and required engineering is money very well spent.
  • Any remodeling project large or small, is actually a partnership between the contractor and the customer and there should be flexibility on both sides.
  • Keep up ongoing communication in regular meetings with your project manager; it is essential to a successful project.
  • Consider lighting a key component of your project - it will make all the difference in the finished results
  • Always promptly express your concerns to give your contractor an opportunity to respond to your issues.
  • A well-written contract with good specifications still requires that all parties in a remodeling project maintain flexibility and a healthy sense of humor.
  • B & C Enterprises, Inc believes in a detailed estimate with cost breakdown as a legal document for the protection of both parties.