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B&C Interiors is a complete interior renovation firm with a proven record of experience in the design/build process. We provide personal assistance for every aspect of our clients interior remodeling needs. We also offer expert professional installation that will control every detail of the projects outcome.

Design Process

Design Process

We pride ourselves on complete design solutions from start to finish. It all starts with our free design consultation and measure with our designer. Then we provide our clients with a style assessment and a preliminary budget outline.

A showroom visit is the next phase of the process, which entails a tour of our vignettes. At this time, we can determine your needs for the best use of space, as well as select interior finishes.

We then produce our drawing package that brings your vision to life, by using a photographically realistic software. The virtual images depict an accurate design and ensure a perfect cabinetry order.

Drawing Package

Preferred Providers

Fieldstone Cabinetry

Welcome to our fieldstone cabinetry page! Here you can explore how to navigate the fieldstone cabinetry page, and learn more about the different options and designs that are available.

On the fieldstone cabinetry website, which you can access by looking at our residential services page or simply typing it in, you will find many different cabinet styles and colors like these seen below.

Fieldstone Project Planner

Comparison Workbook

Fieldstone Cabinetry For Your Home

Where Do Your Cabinets Come From?

B & C has a great relationship with Fieldstone Cabinetry. Fieldstone is known for high quality cabinetry at an affordable cost. Working with them means that not only will you have the kitchen of your dreams, but it will be a kitchen built to last.